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Block Off Beds

If you want to block off all available beds for a date or date range, you can do so from the Block Off Beds page. You may want to use this to control all of the beds for a busy holiday weekend. In that case, customers would call and make reservations directly through your office. You can then cancel the blocked off reservation and make a new one in the customers name, or change the hold on the site to the customer's name. You may also want to use this option to prevent any reservations for a particular date if your hostel will be closed, etc. This feature can be accessed by clicking on 'Block Off Beds' option from the hostel's menu.

The Block Off Beds page will add all available beds to your shopping cart for the date and duration selected. It is advised to have a clear shopping cart before beginning this process.

Select a date and a duration, then click the 'Submit' button. All available beds will be added to your shopping cart.

To finish blocking off the beds, click on Cart on the top menu. Review the beds added to the shopping cart and proceed to checkout to finish blocking off the beds.

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