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When a cancellation occurs, hostel admins and employees can update the payment information for the order. If the customer is owed money, this will be indicated under the hostels menu next to 'Refunds Due'. Click on 'Refunds Due' to process and clear out any remaining amounts due to customers.

The Refunds Due page shows a list of orders and customers that are due a refund. To send payment to a customer, simply click on the PayPal Buy Now button. This will open a new window and redirect you to PayPal with payment details already populated like amount due, currency type, and the customers email address. Once you have sent payment to the customer, close out the PayPal window and return back to the Refunds Due page at Finally, be sure to click the 'Mark as Paid' button which will update the Hostel Reservation Hub system to reflect that you paid the customer and that there is now a zero balance for the order.

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