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Reservation Settings

To update and manage reservation settings click on 'Reservation Settings' under the hostel's menu.

This will bring up a page to manage reservation settings. There are three sections: General Settings, Seasonal Settings, and Notifications.

General Settings

  • Enable Reservation System
  • Preferred Currency
  • Online Reservation Fee (An additional fee that is paid to the hostel)
  • Months In Advance Available (Specifies how far in advance customers can make a reservation)
  • PayPal Email Address (Where to send PayPal payments to during weekly payouts to the hostel. This overrides the hostel admin default)
  • Require a Vehicle License Plate Number
  • Don't Allow Same Day Reservations Online
  • Restrict Weekend Reservations Made Late in the Week (Starts Thursday morning at 12am)
  • Allow Customers to Cancel Online
  • Reservation Policies

    Seasonal Settings
  • Enable Seasons
  • Season Starts Month/Day
  • Season Ends Month/Day

    Alerts and notifications are sent to individual hostel admins and employees. Notification preferences can be set on the 'Edit User Information' page for each user.

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